Artugen Therapeutics applies rigorous pharmacologic principles to harness the microbiome’s therapeutic potential in difficult-to-treat infectious and inflammatory diseases that are modulated by the GI tract

Artugen is funded by Morningside Ventures and operated by Morningside BioPharma Advisory

About Artugen Therapeutics team

Our Team

Artugen was founded in 2016 and has a discovery team based at University College Cork, Teagasc Food Research Centre, Moorepark, and APC Microbiome Ireland. Artugen’s development team is based in Concord, MA, USA

Scott Megaffin
Scott MegaffinChief Executive Officer
Laurent Chesnel, PhD
Laurent Chesnel, PhDHead of Research & Development
Jennifer Locke
Jennifer LockeChief Operating & Business Officer
Bharat Dixit, PhD
Bharat Dixit, PhDHead of Biopharmaceutical Development & Manufacturing
Ben Miller, PharmD
Ben Miller, PharmDHead of Clinical Research
Mustafa Noor, MD, FACP
Mustafa Noor, MD, FACPChief Medical Officer

Discovery Team

Paul Ross, PhD
Paul Ross, PhD
Colin Hill, PhD
Colin Hill, PhD
Michelle O' Donnell, PhD
Michelle O' Donnell, PhD
Artugen's mission is to develop live biotherapeutic products to prevent and treat various human diseases.

Our Mission

Artugen is committed to developing single strain Live Biotherapeutic Products to prevent and treat human diseases

Our Platform

Artugen has identified strains of Bacillus velezensis that uniquely deliver therapeutics benefits through multiple disease-targeting compounds in the gastrointestinal tract

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