Artugen is harnessing recent advances in microbiome science to identify novel Live Biotherapeutic Products to help patients living with infectious, inflammatory and oncologic diseases.

Artugen is funded by Morningside Ventures and operated by Morningside BioPharma Advisory.

Our Team

Artugen was founded in 2015 and has a discovery team based at University College Cork, Teagasc Food Research Centre, Moorepark and APC Microbiome Ireland. Artugen’s development team is based in Concord, MA, USA.

Ronald Farquhar, D. Phil
Ronald Farquhar, D. PhilCEO
Laurent Chesnel, PhD
Laurent Chesnel, PhDVice President, Research and Development
Chris Stevens, MD
Chris Stevens, MDChief Medical Officer
Ed Campanaro
Ed CampanaroSenior Vice President, Clinical Operations
Jennifer Locke
Jennifer LockeVice President, Corporate Operations & Program Management
Bharat Dixit, PhD
Bharat Dixit, PhDVice President, Biopharmaceutical Development & Manufacturing
Shannon Foley
Shannon FoleySenior Director, Head of Finance
Cheryl Cormier
Cheryl CormierSenior Manager, Business Administration
Emilton Rodrigues
Emilton RodriguesDirector, Head of Information Technology
Ben Miller, PharmD
Ben Miller, PharmDSenior Director, Clinical Research

Discovery Team

Paul Ross, PhD
Paul Ross, PhD
Colin Hill, PhD
Colin Hill, PhD
Michelle O' Donnell, PhD
Michelle O' Donnell, PhD
Mary Rea, PhD
Mary Rea, PhD
James Hegarty, PhD
James Hegarty, PhD

Our Mission

Artugen is committed to developing Live Biotherapeutic Products to prevent and treat various human diseases.

Our Platform

Artugen identifies, characterizes and manufactures naturally occurring bacteria possessing biological properties to drive beneficial pharmacologic outcomes.

Our Aim

Artugen strives to identify novel therapies to help patients living with infectious, inflammatory and oncologic diseases.

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