March 18, 2021

Artugen Therapeutics R&D VP Laurent Chesnel to Speak at Inaugural Microbiome Leaders Conference Held Virtually on March 24

Artugen Therapeutics, Ltd., a Company that mines the microbiome to discover targeted, therapeutic bacteria for difficult-to-treat infectious and inflammatory diseases, announced today that Laurent Chesnel, Ph.D., Vice President of Research & Development at Artugen Therapeutics, will speak at the Inaugural Microbiome Leaders Conference on March 24 at 5:10pm. Part of the Commercialization of the Microbiome session, Chesnel’s presentation will focus on ART24, the company’s first clinical- stage investigational agent that is currently being evaluated in a Phase 1 clinical trial for the prevention of Clostridioides difficile infection recurrence in patients who have completed the standard of care antibiotic treatment.

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About ART24

ART24 is an orally administered, naturally occurring, pure bacterial strain which was discovered by Artugen Therapeutics in collaboration with APC Microbiome Ireland. ART24 represents a novel class of direct-acting live biotherapeutics that shows attractive properties in pre-clinical studies. As the characterization of the human microbiome and its link to human health have become better understood, the clinical application of therapeutic bacteria represents potential new means of addressing unmet needs for a range of human diseases. ART24, with its multi- modal mechanisms of action in addressing C. difficile infection and pathogenesis, was granted Fast Track designation for its evaluation in this indication by the FDA.

About Artugen Therapeutics

Artugen Therapeutics was co-founded in 2016 by Morningside Ventures and Professors Paul Ross and Colin Hill, and is funded by Morningside Ventures. With offices in Concord, Massachusetts and a research arm located in Cork, Ireland, Artugen Therapeutics has built a strong collaborative research partnership with APC Microbiome Ireland. For more information, visit


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