Artugen Therapeutics applies rigorous pharmacologic principles to harness the microbiome’s therapeutic potential in difficult-to-treat infectious and inflammatory diseases that are modulated by the GI tract

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Artugen is committed to developing Live Biotherapeutic Products comprised of a single fully characterized strain to prevent and treat human diseases

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Artugen has identified unique strains of Bacillus velezensis that deliver therapeutic benefits by targeting multiple mechanisms through the release of disease-targeting compounds in the gastrointestinal tract

Our Science
Artugen's aim is to identify novel therapies to help patients living with infectious, inflammatory and oncologic diseases.

Tackling the Biggest Global Health Threats

Foundational to Artugen’s technology is the discovery that certain strains of Bacillus velezensis are capable of delivering therapeutics benefits without colonizing the gastrointestinal tract.

Artugen applies sound pharmacologic principles to ensure that our therapeutic-bacteria-based products engage with proven disease mechanisms, thereby providing effective treatment of infection and inflammation.

Artugen’s bacterial strains (ARTs) are selected and dosed as human therapeutics using the rigorous principles established for conventional small molecules. ART strains behave as therapeutics factories, producing multiple disease-targeting compounds with a variety of activities such as bacteria-killing, toxin degradation, gliadin degradation, and many others.

Artugens’s lead candidate, ART24 is being studied in a clinical trial for the prevention of Clostridioides difficile infection (CDI) recurrence. In preclinical studies, ART24 has been shown to both kill C. difficile and destroy its toxins.

The company is also exploring the therapeutic value of ARTs in other diseases that involve gastrointestinal inflammation.

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